Dear Goddess Of My Soul
Dear Goddess Of My Soul

Oh, what rapture fills the soul,
     the adoration of perfect shape,
The deference to thy queenly pose,
     to thine exquisite form may I gape,
Ardor surges through my essence,
     My passion for thee is replete,
You are the animator of my being,
     Every thought of mine elite,
The mere physique of untainted visage,
     Well beyond utterance of words,
The definition of supreme contour,
     With beauty thou art ensured,
So perfect is thy form, dear Goddess,
     I've seen none who will equate,
So flawless reigns thy majesty,
     Thine allure is but thy fate,
Thy beauty transcends above the heavens,
     Beauty as thine is rare,
To the pleasing shape afore mine eyes,
     No gem can possibly compare.

Oh, my beautiful goddess,
     I relish in thine eyes,
The rapture of gold and silver,
     in the essence of the skies,
The beauty of thy skin,
     A soft and gentle touch,
A simple smile playing on thy lips,
     Ne'er was beauty so much,
Thy wondrous nose upon thy face,
     Thy lashes dark and long,
The melody of thy pure voice,
     Each word harmonious song,
Thy features placed so well,
     Angelically born aloft,
So lovely is the face
     At which I've gazed so oft,
But nay, none the stars or suns,
     No matter how man tries,
Can even match the sparkle,
     Dancing in thine eyes.

But, lo, the beauty of the gem,
          The prism on a ring,
Can't begin show the beauty,
     Nor any precious thing,
For the gem has but one attraction,
     The dancing of the light,
Thine eyes alone do more to me,
     Breathtakingly of sight.
Rapture hath me taken from,
     I am captive of thy face,
The wonder enveloping my heart,
     To comprehend thy grace,
To adorn thy precious figure,
     To clad thy rare physique,
Does nothing in comparison,
     But make my strength so weak,
Afore the beauty of thyself,
     I've ne'er seen such a one,
Whose precious soul so rare,
     And beauty out does the sun.

The essence of life upon thy face,
     The site of love within,
As I gaze deep into thine eyes,
     The feel of life begins,
The freshness of thy form,
     The calmness of thy hand,
The way thou movest quietly,
     Thy beauty, oh, so grand,
It challenges my soul so bare,
     To clasp thee in mine arms,
To praise thy beauty whole heartedly,
     And follow with thy charms,
The way thy form glides hereby,
     The way thou movest 'round,
Ne'er before with human eyes such
     Wondrous beauty found.
For none of life's great beauties,
     None may e'er suffice,
Seem to come within thy range,
     Of gentle paradise.

I dream the day I see thee,
     I wish upon a star,
To hold thee in mine arms,
     To behold thee from afar,
I adore the day hence now,
     Mine eyes behold again,
The perfection of thy form,
     Dear Goddess, once, as then,
For I dance away perfection,
     I dream of thee each night,
My heart sings songs and praises thee,
     Whilst I wait for light,
For I nearly cannot wait,
     To behold thee yet once more,
My heart would calm its heavy beat,
     and begin to soar.
At every glance I see thee,
     Thy beauty is so much,
How I long to kiss thee,
     A longing for thy touch.

I ask of thee, dear woman,
     Then I hearken to thy voice,
Thine image reigns within my heart,
     I made that bygone choice,
I feel I must, and so I do,
     I long to have you near,
To follow and wish of thee,
     To thine form mine eyes adhere,
I long to have you close to me,
     And tell you I adore,
I relish and I wish for life,
     With thee, mine amour,
Thy form so wondrous perfect,
     Thy visage beyond perfection,
I gaze to thee from my mind,
     Perceptions magical conception,
Of thy form in supreme complexion,
     With the leading of the eye,
A lingering kiss from ruby lips,
     Can cut a heart to fly.

The curve and grace of thy legs,
     The gentle appeal to man,
The enticement of a perfect form,
     A force of eyes to scan,
The emotion enveloping my soul,
     A feeling for thy face,
A medley of all the worlds,
     Compiled form and grace,
A stabbing of the heart,
     An arrow of an angel,
Piercing with a silver tip,
     Impaled love pains all,
The love moving me to speak,
     A viral love infection,
Making weak the flesh of men,
     A lethal love injection,
So perfect be thy form to me,
     None may e'er surpass,
The beauty and the grace of thee,
     And a lovely lass.

I pray thee, Goddess,
     Hearken to my voice,
I utter but what's in my heart,
     'T is nothing of my choice.
I feel I must, and so I do,
     I long to have you near,
I have one problem, one tiny flaw,
     'T is only part a tear,
I long to have you close to me,
     And tell thee what hence more,
That I relish life with thee,
     Along this blissful shore,
'T would be not heaven with out you there,
     'T would make it more the Hells,
And 't would I love to follow thee,
     And gaze to where thee dwells,
That thou art but the best,
     Most beautiful of few,
And I want to utter this:
     I love you.