The Dragon Has Wings
The Dragon has Wings

I was flying, oh, flying so high,
I now felt different, not like a guy.
During the night, I had changed form,
I still had arms and legs, but I looked forlorn.
I was flying with what the wind brings,
During the night, I had grown wings.
I now had muscles, with power so crippling,
I looked back to my tail, that was now rippling,
I had the yearn to go higher and higher,
But I realized the ox was in the mire.
I was hungry so I swooped down,
Very gracefully, not like a clown,
Down and Down with increased speed,
Emotions full of thought. Greed.
The poor ox made me one great meal,
And I increased energy with great zeal,
And so I felt like a great Dragon,
Not like a puppy with my tail a waggin'.