Ya wanna know something?
     I'll tell you what.
A while ago in a dream I had
     An arrow in my gut.
I was a dwarf a long time ago,
     In my own fantasy land.
It took place in one big city,
     It took place upon the sand.
Dragons were flying way up there,
     Flying steadily above my head,
Sword against steel, clang, clang, many
     People just fell dead.
Then a rider came up, and
     Jumped off his horse,
And knocked me down,
     Upon the floors.
And then a pain
     shot through my body,
And all went black
     after going clowdy.
I started coming back
     Into some weird world,
And then I realized
     Our flag was not furled,
Looking around me,
     I saw no sticks,
But my alarm was blaring
     And now read six.