Electromagnetic Translucence
Electromagnetic Translucence

Apricot, Indigo, Silver, Emerald,
     Cream, Sage, Scarlet, Blood,
Lilac, Forrest, Sand, Sallow,
     Olive, Jade, and Mud.
Magenta, Smokey, Midnight Black,
     Ivory White, and Yellow Jasmine,
Lemon, Cherry, Carmine, Wine,
     Royal Blue, Tawny, Kelly Green.
Pea Green, Ruby, Navy Blue,
     Tangerine, Cobalt, Crimson,
Coral, Peach, Slate, Ocher,
     Saffron, Lime, Vermillion.
Royal Blue, Sky, Mauve, Ash,
     Horizon, Sea Green, Plum,
Garnet, Azure, Sapphire, Tan,
     Gold, Chrome, Gray, Salmon.
Madder Gold, Aquamarine,
     Fire Engine, Rose,
Sea Blue, Russet, Dutch, Yellow,
     Congo, Baby, and Chartreuse,
Powder, Maroon, Aniline, Grass,
     Violet, Purple, Bluest Prussia,
Platinum, Imperial, Buff, Green,
     Mouse, Iron, and a tad of Fuchsia,
Lapis Lazulli, Chinese Blue, Turquoise,
     Lavender, Orange, Bronze, Lead,
Purple, Orange, Yellow,
     Blue, Green, and Red,
For such the shades of basic views,
     In the making of a world,
In the beauty of the earth around,
     The Flag of God unfurled...