The smell of new in spring hangs over
As brand new plants poke up in a patch of clover,
The birth of a human will get an empty book,
to start writing and filling it up. The first look
Always brings new things in a golden setting of spring,
those new birds singing such beautiful things.

In life when we are handed such a beautiful flower
which will always begin to wilt, either now or
later when we should have learned to solve
all of our problems which won't dissolve,
because they line the road to eternal truth
which we always had pictured being uncouth.

The green grass will eventually die,
in the grave, the bird will lie,
A stream had found its way through the easiest route,
it has gained no experience but has clouded in doubt,
so our lives will end, as a matter of fact,
we will not know what had our lives lacked,
so gain experience and pass to a friend,
so he can gain knowledge, afore him we send...