Fight for Freedom
Fight for Freedom

Be it hereby decreed,
And don't try to plead,
You have many rights indeed,
For freedom you will need,
A few men to bleed,
To keep your country freed.

For one cause worth many lives,
Could be over with some high fives,
A few bombers dropping in dives,
Souls of men leave wives,
Hand to hand using sharp knives,
A worse way to go than is hives.

Weapons like guns, bombs, and battleships,
Could cause innocence to drip,
The blood of man in the hip,
An out of control plane in a flip,
With victory and a jump and a skip,
But after its over, it is no gyp.

You will be thankful for the U.S.A.,
Where you can freely say,
"I can run and jump and play,
I can fight for life and stay,
I can learn to piously pray,
During any month. Yes, even May."