From the Eye of the Eagle
From The Eye Of The Eagle

From the Eye of the Eagle,
     Where all the world can see it,
Veiwing the world from a distance,
     The Eagle does not fit.
But as men, we have our duty,
     To quench the deadly fires,
Of all lifes cold, hard feel,
     and burning hot desires.
But few will choose to seek,
     For the God of Heavens,
But look intently after death,
     And the evil God of Hell.
We squander our eternity,
     For something gone tomorrow,
And when its gone, it will always be gone,
     Replaced with deathly sorrow.
The God of the Heavens,
     From the Eye of the Eagle,
Not the God of pursuing Hell,
     From the serpents level,
Watches lusts in perpetual abundance,
     Grow in straining repitition,
As man continues to ignore
     The Godly superstitions.
So continuing what will be gone,
     Tomorrow, or even today,
Tomorrow all men, with experience,
     Alone, will say:
"We traded our eternity,
     For something gone tomorrow,
It has passed, yes, it is gone,
     Displaced with lonely sorrow,
For once I wanted Life,
     Put into a bottle,
But God did not want it so,
     In my life he did not doddle."
So here my poem out,
     Listen for a while,
It is love that threatens you,
     To drive that extra mile.