The Knights Last Prayer
The Knight's Last Prayer

"Oh, Lord, I rest here on the last of my days,
I lie here waiting for thy raze,
To welcome in thy solemn vows...

"But Lord I beg of thee,
To take me,
For here upon this earth I made one tiny flaw,
One little thing, one glass of water,
And my heart has turned to fodder...

"For one little incident have I lost my greatest love,
Please, Lord, guide me from above,
For here in this life I feel no more worth,
My soul seeps into mirth,
And from this mistake I remain in ruin,
I have lost all hope...

"But Lord, I lay here breathing my last air,
Muttering out my last prayer,
Because my life is so worthless...

"So I plead to thee a wish above,
I wish, oh Lord, for love...

"Because I lost it, I made a mistake,
And now, my Lord, my life to take,
For if thou don't, 'twill be my hands,
To bloody up my shirt, spattering 'cross my hands.
I leave my life, awaiting demands,
For life no longer desirable here upon this earth,
My life is dead, so is my sight,
Make it so tonight...

"I plead with thee to take my life,
Because my love for her destroyed as glass,
And I lost the lass,
I made a mistake, I wish therefore to be dead,
I lie here waiting upon my bed,
A knife in my hand, my aim to strike,
Waiting yet for my heart to spike,
And so I plead to thee, oh Lord my God,
To part my spirit, flesh, both flawed,
For no longer do I yet deem it worth,
And nothing will yet remain or cease to exist on Earth,
That was capable of replacing such love,
I miss the gaze from muddy eyes,
I miss paradise...

"My God, my life is gone, I feel no need to say more,
Except goodbye to one I adore,
How sweet thy voice, How sweet thy sight,
I say goodbye, my last night,
Else I were to live...

"For yet no woman to exist,
Will gain, from now until the end, my first kiss,
My virgin lips will remain together intact,
Because I lacked,
I lacked the courage and the life,
All has failed...

"Now to be yet more,
To the one, oh the beautiful one, I once adored,
     'And so I leave thee now this night,
     And pray to God, you gain his right...'

"So God remove from this place,
And set me in thy presence...