A Mighty Knight
A Mighty Knight

This is a tale I cannot tell, a good ole' tale at that.
This is a tale placed back in time, beside the hearty King,
This is a tale about a knight and his fight for lonely truth,
His powerful thrust, his powerful jab, along his mighty swing,
His faith in God, his love of most, his fear is in his trust,
His skills will help him when the need desires his sword to ring.

Welcome back in time, to the age of lords,
To sing this evil song, we sound our devilish chords.
So sit right back and watch your hero nearly all bu fail,
Or be born amidsts the royalty of a crowded jail.
Or yet he might destroy the age of courage and bravery,
Even yet end all oppression and his cursed slavery.

So welcome back in time, to the age of lords,
Where men were best determined on how well they break the boards,
A time when men wore coats of tiny, metal rings,
And covered them with metal plates amoung all sorts of things.
To protect them from the powerblow of cold hard tempered steel,
In a surge for power, or maybe their last meal...

We now head to archaic worlds, beyond your imagination,
To where the most high tech job, the greatest occupation,
Was fighting dragons, demons, feinds and men of evil deeds,