Untitled - by Kevin Johnson
Untitled - by Kevin Johnson

Sick in the head
Never understanding the books he has read
Showing sign after sign
Will his crown ever shine?
Just another story?
Was it just for gold and glory?

A silent war
Who could ask for more
Maybe they already heard it all before
They all lived together
Talking about the love of some girl the hated
Went for a walk downtown
messing and playing around
But still looking for a white gown
Who endures the pain and still wants more
Was it one of the other
The answer fall as they scrape at the floor

Six Inches deep
She began to weep as they cut at her scars
Just under her skin
Like a prick of a pin
Feeling she can't deny as she runs and tries to hide
Turned away from the ocean side as she hear the crashing tide
The feeling of wanting more
She frantically waits
Still scared as she see's the eagle soar searching for it's prey
Burning at her soul
Cleansing the untold
Now the cards must be played
Is she saved?
Does the game remain insane?

Digging, Digging, Digging
A never ending blackout
Digging, Digging
Screams and echoes
Led by a gifted