A Script Starting Point

The year....nineteen hundred and ninty five years Anno Domini.

The date....Ashtar, the month of august, the 12th.

The place....Kentucky.

A small and simple room is decorated vaguely with the pictures and other artworks of an amateur artist. A small dresser is decorated with a wooden chess set and a model of the Holy Grail. A sword has been placed through the dresser handles. A small china doll plant sits on top. The facing wall is decorated with a few books, a cheap radio, and a few more pictures. The head of a bed lies beneath the shelves, a simple knights helm design. A desk is located behind the dresser, near a window, and a young man is seated, hunched over a letter}

Mr. Reykov slides the paper into an envelope and seals it. He starts to address it, but only gets the target address on it. A gunshot rings from outside of the window, grazing his shoulder.